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I am pleased to announce that the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) has acquired five of my unique prints, for its permanent collection. They are "Into the Abyss I,II,III," (triptych) 66" x 36" each, 2017, which was exhibited at The Pasadena Museum of California Art in 2018. Also acquired were "Force Fields - Fire from Above," 30" x 22", 2007 and "Force Fields - Between Land and Sea," 22" x 30", 2007. They are a combination of Monoprint and Intaglio, Drawing and Painting. Site | LACMA Collections.

On the Importance of Being Small,
by Mallinson Constance,
(July 25)

Meet Virginia Katz,
(July 22)

Community of artists in dialog with nature – Exhibition for ONE, insediamento
by Zyta Misztal v. Blechinger,
(April 11)

Landscape and Art by ecoartspace | Free Listening on SoundCloud,
"In this Podcast on Landscape and Art, Virginia Katz is in conversation with Los Angeles artists and ecoartspace members Aline Mare, Constance Mallinson and Marie Thibeault. Katz asks: Is your “process,” the way you make art, initiated by the landscape or by ideology? In other words, is it an intuitive process or is it initiated by policy? How does landscape shape your art? How does your art shape landscape? Their responses are as diverse as their art practices, and as illuminating as their art.
John Stilgoe, a landscape historian at Harvard University and lexicographer, tells us that landscape is a noun. That it comes from the the old Frisian language (once spoken in coastal parts of the Netherlands and Germany), it meant shoveled lands: landschop. Sixteenth century Englishmen misheard and misprounced as landskep, which became landskip, then landscape, designating the surface of the earth shaped for human habitation. He asks “What is Landscape? It is an invitation to walk, to notice, to ask questions, thinking and putting words to things.”

Series of videos in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.
They may be found on my Facebook and Instagram pages.

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